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Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter

Had fun with all sorts of family on Easters... That's right. Easters was fun. Went to Teddy's homecoming and saw all sorts of extended family. Then spent the last half of the day with Jesse's family. What a great day! Loved every second of it!

Enjoying our day!

We've been enjoying the weather a lot lately. I swear every time we go outside it is a beautiful day! For some reason I always end up wearing a skirt on windy days. :) I think people don't mind seeing my g's, eh? Anywho, we've been out and about, and I thought we'd share some pics of our sunny days so far!

Alyssa grows more and more every day! I get depressed thinking that one day she will be all grown up! :( That is also exciting, but I am not looking forward to not having any kids in the house! That is the time, I assume, that I will start pestering my kids for grandkids! He he

Friday, March 4, 2011

Toys Toys Toys

Alyssa has toys...everywhere. In the living room, loft, bedroom, bathroom floor, bathtub, and my closet. They're everywhere. So what does she decide to play with? The box that the toys go in! What a little twurp.
Alyssa's thoughts: Throw those toys all over the floor, and sit in my toy box, fall backwards and hit my head, mommy comfort me, then I try again.
What it would be like to be a kid again. Don't get me wrong; I do not wanna go through my childhood again. That involved peeing my bed, peeing on the couch, peeing on the unfolded laundry sitting on the couch, and peeing on my brothers luggage right before his trip to Disneyland. Don't wanna go through that again. I think that I was sort of unliked at that stage in my life. My bro's and sisters will admit to that if you ask. Just don't get them going on my bedwetting habit.
I feel bad for kids that wet the bed. One time I pee'd on a friends couch during a sleep over. When I woke up, I was so ashamed that I went and grabbed a glass of water and threw it on the couch. I'm sure that the Mom knew that I was trying to do. Fact: Water does not trump urine!
Urine smells until it is cleaned with a detergent. The moral of the story: Don't make fun of bedwetters. They're ashamed enough.
Talk about a tangent. Now to rename this post...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New family pics

We went down and got our pics taken in February at Lake Las Vegas. I was eager to get these done because I had seen this photographers work and really liked it! Her name is Marissa. If you're interested in getting some family pics done look at her website! Half of you have already used her cause I saw your pics all over her site! Check these ones out! Best family pics if I could get my whole family altogether in June maybe...

NOT the first hair cut

I'm gonna rationalize this trip to the hair salon. It was NOT her first haircut! We just barely trimmed in the back so it wasn't all fuzzy. Not enough to collect a hair lock. Just thought I would post these pics as I thought she looked darling in her cheetah apron!